27 July 2009

Joseph turns 4!

We shot this video tonight-

My little guy is 4! He was so excited when I reminded him that it was his birthday. He did this little dance-karate thing.

I am reminded of his birth, which I wrote about here, and which was very hectic. Lacy wrote a really nice message on her blog at the beginning of the month. I hope you'll take a minute to read it.

Joseph is a wonderful kid. He told me that I am his best friend because I "help him do lots of stuff all the time." He is occasionally afraid of getting "squibbled" (some word he made up for getting killed, especially by lightning), but he told me if Lacy or I get squibbled he will have to grow a replacement. He says such interesting things. He is great fun to take places, and I feel very blessed to have him and Millie.

Happy birthday buddy!

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Gladys said...

I just LOVE my nephew!!!