28 July 2009


You may have heard about the corruption sting in New Jersey that led to the arrest of many public officials.

Ever wonder how the state got so crooked? Here are a few ideas.


A.J. said...

You should watch the Daily Show from tonight. It covers Jersey in a hilarious fashion, considering John Stewart is from Jersey. And to be honest ... Louisiana ... Chicago ... California ... Texas ... Florida ... they all have issues as well. Not that I want to move to Jersey anytime soon, but it is not the only corrupt state in the land.

Jlowryjr said...

I watched it on Hulu. Very funny. The big on Henry Louis-Gate was hilarious too.

Of course New Jersey is not the only state with crooked pols, but a coordinated bust of this kind, with that level of collusion? Pretty notable.

That sequence of clips was great though.