11 December 2008

Missile Defense- Does it work?

Popular Mechanics takes a look at our missile defense technology. Some thoughts:

Ultimately, the question of whether the GBI is an effective defensive system or simply part of a well-orchestrated bluff could be irrelevant. This year Congress called for a study to determine whether ballistic-missile defense should exist as currently configured, with a review to be finished by 2010. And even if the MDA’s $9.3 billion annual budget survives congressional scrutiny, its direction and scope could change under a new presidential administration. For now, Fort Greely is adding more missiles. Stepping out of the silo, I notice the day feels colder. There are 20 silos in this missile field, and in the distance, a silo is hanging suspended from a crane—another missile field under construction. I ask Bond why the inventory keeps growing, when neither North Korea nor Iran has successfully tested an ICBM. “You cannot wait until an enemy has a knife at your throat to figure out how to parry the thrust,” he says. “If you do, your life or your wallet will be forfeit.”
It's a very interesting article, and it explains how ballistic missile defense systems are meant to operate. Pretty cool technology.

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