12 December 2008

Frigid Nights in Far-off Lands

I really encourage you to visit Michael Yon's site. He is an independent journalist providing some of the best war-reporting available. He's not an ideologue in the political sense, but is absolutely interested in seeing us win our wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. He is frank about the challenges we face in Afghanistan, as he was about Iraq pre-Surge. Here is an excerpt of a recent post:

While Americans sleep tight in their beds, this time of year U.S. soldiers sit shivering through the frigid, crystal clear nights at remote outposts in places most of us have never heard of and will never see. Often they head out into the enveloping darkness, to hunt down and destroy terrorists, who continue to kill innocent Afghans, Americans, Aussies, Balinese, Brits, Indians, Iraqis, Pakistanis, Spanish….in short, anyone who opposes their violent tyranny.

All of this occurring a world away from our comfortable lives. Read more and remember.

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