03 October 2007

Police Beat Memories

When I was at BYU, the Police Beat was one of the few readable and entertaining things about the campus newspaper. That doesn't mean that it is well-written. This recent edition is a good example of the criminal element at BYU

They stopped publishing the Police Beat for a time, citing the belief that people were purposefully doing things to gain entry. They were right. This one is a true classic for me. We were involved in the snow incident under Criminal Mischief. We had some really great ideas to gain entry for other reasons, but this is the only one that made the cut.


Mare said...

My sister made it in her freshman year because some creepo with a telephoto lens was sitting in the heleman halls parking lot taking photos of girls changing... among them, my sister.

who was in the snow stunt with you?

Unknown said...

The snow incident. Of all the crazy things that happened freshman year who woulda thought the snow incident would be the only one that would make the police beat. It was really a shame that the Police beat was discontinued for a while. Probably the only thing worth reading in the daily universe (outside of the "I'm shocked and appauled" section aka (letters to the editor)

"Since when has newsworthiness ever been a requirement for publication in the daily universe?"

Matty Matt

Jlowryjr said...

Matt is referring to a letter I wrote to the DU that, shockingly(!) was never published.