13 October 2007

Go Canes!

This is my first try at cellphone blogging, coming to you live from the historic Orange Bowl. I love this place. It is my first game here in over ten years, and thanks to Justin Palmer (& of course my sweet Lacy) I get to make this pilgrimage to the OB.
Miami set an NCAA record here with 58(!!) straight home wins. It is old, run-down, and beautiful. Here's hoping for a win. I'll post some pics later.

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Lillie said...

My pilgrimages to the OB aren't quite so exciting. Pretty sure I wouldn't blog during the action. Hmm.

What a great gift from Justin... but I think Lacy should be bolded instead of in Parinthesis... (no offense Justin) but I'm pretty sure this is a bit more skin off her back than his.:) Just talked to her this morning but couldn't hear her over the screams of your sweetest of sweet but teething little girl and waking-from-nap little boy. Oh the joys and pains of motherhood. Good thing we've got sweet husbands.