09 June 2006

Gator Country

Alligators are a way of life for us here in Florida. They're just a part of the scenery. That doesn't mean I ignore one when I see it- just that I will always assume that there IS one there. And by there I mean el agua, the water.

One of the most interesting things for me was to visit a place like Lake Mead in Nevada and realize that there were no gators in the water. Just the same, I didn't go looking for any (just in case I had been followed, I didn't want to ruin the experience).

In today's OpinionJournal, Ned Crabb, the WSJ's letters editor, recollects his experience growing up in Tallahassee. It mirrors some of my memories, particularly those of Camp Shands, a Boy Scout camp where we shared the lake with the cocodrilos.

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