29 January 2006


My love for the Spanish language has been shaped not just by my Cuban heritage, but also by my experience as a missionary for the LDS Church in Southern California. My interaction was with Mexicans primarily, and a significant number of those I taught had arrived in the U.S. illegally.

Prior to my missionary service, I took a very hard line on illegal immigration. My relatives all came from Cuba legally. Granted, it is easier for a Cuban to emigrate than it is for a Mexican, owing to Cuba's unique political situation. I found my hard line soften when I interacted with many of the good people that sacrificed a great deal to be here.

Just the same, the law is the law, and people that have come to the U.S. illegally should not be afforded a fast track to citizenship. I do believe that some kind of guest worker program is appropriate, so that those people can be regulated, numbered and taxed. It is a complicated issue. Check out Right Wing Pundit for more.

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