08 January 2006

College Football Postlude

This article provides perspective on Vince Young's performance in the Rose Bowl- perhaps the best ever. With numbers like that, this decision seems quite understandable.

Is Virginia Tech the new FSU? Now-former QB Marcus Vick showed extremely poor judgement when he stomped on the back of Elvis Dumervil's knee in the Gator Bowl. Its a mark on a program that I particularly dislike, so this is the news story, and this will provide the VT-haters with something to read. Vick's decision to head to the NFL may have a Clarett-like ending (3rd round pick, 1st round cut).

The head of NOW (National Organization of Whocares) is asking for Joe Paterno's resignation based on comments he made about alleged sexual assault by FSU linebacker A.J. Nicholson. Puh-lease. Read the comments and decide for yourself.

Stewart Mandel of SI.com has a next-season top 10 list that doesn't include Miami. Pat Forde of ESPN.com does have Miami in his top 10. I think it's early to tell, but I still read them.

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