22 December 2005

Workers oppressing...workers?

Socialism's failures are many, and one of socialism's brainchildren, the Union, is entering a season of unprecedented weakness. As auto manufacturers and airlines are forced to make significant changes, one Union has failed to read the signs of the times.

Blogger Jane Galt (a nice psuedonym alluding to Ayn Rand's John Galt) explains why the New York City Transit Worker's strike is hurting many people that are in worse shape than Union members.

You have to question any ideology that endorses such counterproductive tactics in willful ignorance of law and reason. I hope the city sticks to its guns and brings the union down.

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Anonymous said...

hey joe,
i know this is a little outdated given the whole NYC transit-strike is not news anymore but history, but my first impression on the issue is a tendency to sympathize with the transit workers for one reason only: striking is a form of organized protesting, which, as we all know, is a right guaranteed by the constitution. it's unfortunate that certain laborers are basically forced to organize in order to have their demands met. i find myself wondering which is worse here, "socialism" or an unconstitutional rule of law? In other words, is it worse to organize and carry out a successful strike or to tell a group of blue-collar laborers that they are not allowed to protest by rule of law? it's just a thought. like i said, it's all history now anyways.