29 December 2005

2001 Canes - Best Ever!

ESPN has been running a series where they pit the 2005 USC Trojans against different former National Champs. I am in agreement with ESPN.com writer Dan Shanoff who thinks that 2004 USC is better than 2005 USC. Nonetheless, that is not the topic of the poll.

It is 2001 Miami's turn and I think there is no doubt that they are better than 2005 USC, or 2004 for that matter, or almost any other team. Shanoff agrees. Look at the stats, where they held opponents to an average of 9.6 points a game! Or how that team had 11 future first round draft picks, guys that would make immediate contributions to their NFL teams!

I love college football and love that it provides the opportunity for all these inane and meaningless polls. Come Jan 5th, a little part of me will die until the next season begins.

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