11 July 2014

Dealing with the Unexpected

I'm writing this from the First Class section of a very short flight from LAX to San Diego. I didn't expect to be here. I received one of those complimentary upgrades sometimes bestowed on frequent fliers.

I am a bonafide frequent flier, proudly occupying Delta's lowest medallion tier, the exalted SILVER.
This grants me a few perks that I consider valuable, particularly the free luggage allowance that comes in handy when flying in a family of five at least twice a year.

I didn't expect an upgrade. You might recall that I occupy Delta's LOWEST tier which means I am often way, way down the list of lucky customers. When I travel by myself, I always hope for an upgrade, but don't count on it.

I certainly wasn't planning on it today. We are en route to visit Lacy's family, all five of us. Is Lacy with me? Or the kids? No, and this is the subject of this post.

I wasn't aware of the upgrade until we passed into the jetway and our boarding passes were scanned. When I book a family trip I usually uncheck the upgrade request box, for obvious reasons. It's possible that I forgot this time, because when the agent scanned my ticket I was given the seat 3D, first class on a little CRJ700.

Lacy and I talked about it as we walked. What would we do? Should we ask someone to switch? Some confusion caused by a separated family in front of me meant that we probably just needed to make a choice and Lacy told me to go upfront, that she would be fine with the kids.

"Uh oh," I thought. The flight attendant informed me that this flight would only take about 20 minutes in the air, so I distributed what I hoped was an adequate number of electronic devices and waited for the boarders to allow for my movement from the back to the front of the plane.

Since taking my seat, I have had the chance to think about some things. We've been together constantly since leaving our home for Orlando at 6pm last night. We stayed in an Orlando hotel in one room, woke up at 5 this morning, and have been on the go ever since. The idea of a break from this long day with 3 children (not Lacy) was very pleasant, right up until it happened.

I'm on this vacation to be with my family. It can be extremely tiring, but I always treasure this non-stop family time. When else can I spend all day with my kids and my wife, except during family vacations? Saturdays and Sundays are busy with activities, church responsibilities, and other commitments. It's only by leaving our home that we get to break the busy cycle and spend time together.

I welcome breaks. I enjoy work, and my office, and moments of peace. I especially enjoy spending time with Lacy, just the two of us. I also love my kids. They are my greatest blessing. They are growing, and I getto enjoy them a little bit longer, especially in their current state, where hand holding and public hugs and quality time is not yet forbidden by adolescent preferences.

Now that I have this break, I don't want it. 

My main objective in arriving at my in-laws home was going to be a rest, I've been a pack mule all day, and I thought I deserved it. Now I want to know what we can do to have some fun, as a family. So I'm grateful for the break. Glad that I can reflect on my opportunities and blessings and glad that I can share these thoughts. It wasn't the break that I expected, but it is the one that I needed. Hopefully I am a better father and husband for it.

Also, I hope Lacy is still speaking to me by the time we land. I'll doublecheck the box next time.

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Unknown said...

That was a good time spent reflecting on the many blessings you have as a husband and father. Lacy was unselfish, kind and loving in encouraging you that it was ok to sit by yourself in first class. Hope you enjoyed it a bit!