31 May 2012

Is It Any Wonder?

This might be the beginning of a new recurring feature for me-

In preparation for a summer trip to Canada, we began preparing materials to apply for Isaac's passport. Because he is a minor, this means that he, Lacy, and I will need to present ourselves at a passport application "acceptance location" to submit it. I did a search online, and found the listing for sites near our home. Among the locations is a post office near Millie's preschool. Perfect.

After gathering everything that we need, and the grumpy, nap-needy Isaac, we entered the post office branch at mid-day today. We were told by the two employees that an appointment is required to submit passport materials. An appointment. The branch was devoid of other customers. And there was no availability today, tomorrow, or Saturday.

The website with the acceptance location listings did not mention the need for appointments, but if I had clicked on the link for the location itself, I probably would have realized my oversight. But still- an appointment? As the POST OFFICE? To submit a 2 page application and some supporting documents? Is there something special about the documents that require extra training, or a delicate touch?

I'm sure that I am making a mountain from a molehill. Is it that big a deal to come back on Monday? No. Do I relish taking our crazy two year-old back to the Post Office for that process? No.

Is it any wonder that the Post Office struggles, especially with these unfriendly policies?


Anonymous said...

I don't get why the Postal Service is involved with generating Passports. Maybe they don't either. The relationship between the country, the government and the Postal Service is one of the great mysteries of American life. We can't even get this right. I have to spead the blame on this one. Perhaps the appointment is required because a Notary or some other authorized/certified individual must process the procedure and they only are there limited hours...when asked to be? I would hope this Passport process is more than just a glance-away exercise if indeed we deem a Passport to be of any importance. We're so quick as a government to demand everyone have these things to move about anywhere...and then we have people go to the Post Office for them. Odd.

Kira said...