24 April 2012

My Millie

The other day I was driving Millie to school. She told me that her friend, a really nice little boy, had asked her to marry him. I quickly said that she was too little to be married. Then this happened.

"I know. But I told him yes. It will be when I am older."

Millie turns 5 on Thursday. She is years away from marriage, obviously, but this conversation filled me with panic, dread, and a heartbreaking love for this amazing little girl. I mean, look at this picture:

I can't imagine my little girl ever leaving us, but that time will eventually come.
When I saw this video today, edited from shots taken by a father over his daughter's first 12 years, it reminded me of yesterday's conversation, and how quickly these kids grow up.

Five years with Millie have flown by. I will do a better job of enjoying all the rest, and try not to lock her in her room the next time she accepts a marriage proposal.

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