14 August 2011

On Quality

This post was prompted by an especially good package of cottage cheese. I imagine some of you have noticed variations in quality between different iterations of your favorite products. I have a specific preference for Breakstone's Cottage Cheese. Sometimes the cottage cheese is drier, if that makes sense, and sometimes there is more moisture in the package. I like it drier, and it tends to happen 1 time in 3 or 4.

The same is true of Frosted Mini Wheats. Sometimes the cereal seems fresher, crisper from the time the package is opened. There doesn't seem to be any pattern to when the best boxes will be there.

What's the reason for this? Is there one? Deep thoughts for a Sunday night.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Package intact in all instances but sometimes the product is not as fresh - agreed. Hopefully food supply chain folks are rightly applying first to store, first sold scenario. Perhaps it is at the store level where things go awry. I have seen expiration dates on items "past due" on occasion. It may be at the store level if they don't practice first in, first on the shelf...even if the expiration dates are so far to the good that is a non-issue, when the item has actually been made versus when it is on the shelf may be the variable.