04 July 2011

Happy Independence Day

I am grateful for this great country. I had a fantastic day with my family, culminating in a great dinner with some new friends and our own mini firework show.

I wanted to share this delicious recipe for tacos de carne asada. the part I was most impressed with was the mojo or marinade. I grilled both flank steak and skirt steak on my trusty Weber One-Touch. I continue to be a charcoal user, and that grill is almost foolproof.

What's more American than tacos, right?

We are exceptionally blessed, and I'm grateful for 235 years of America.

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Anonymous said...

Tyler's recipe sounds really good. We were long time charcoal users so I want credit for that...but admittedly we "settled" for propane a few years ago. Props to the Weber One-Touch as the official grill of SPOTD!