28 February 2011

Cougar Rising

Regardless of what happens during the NCAA tournament, this season of BYU basketball has been the best I've ever known. The obvious draw is Jimmer Fredette, but this is the most complete team in a long, long time, which makes me think that we have a serious chance of making a good run in the tournament.

Here are a few write-ups about BYU's solid win over SDSU on Saturday:

Luke Winn explains how BYU won, despite Jimmer's "sub-par" performance in a hostile environment.

Andy Glockner thinks BYU has a chance to get a 1 seed. This is significant as 1 seeds do have a better winning percentage in the Tourney, by a significant margin, over 2 seeds.

SDSU has enjoyed a high ranking, and with BYU being it's toughest opponent, it is hard to gauge how well we stack up against major basketball powers. We may have to wait for the madness to find out.

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A.J. said...

It was unfortunate to see the dismissal of Davies. However, I loved that BYU stuck true to its Honor Code. Coming from UVA, I understand the value of such a code and was. I will not claim UVA has always been steadfast in its application of the code to athletes, but for the most part I think they have been. I wish UF could hold up such a code.

I will be rooting for BYU come tournament time (barring they play UF, Cal, or UVA - the latter two highly unlikely to even make the tournament).

Jlowryjr said...

Thanks AJ. It helps soothe some of the pain.