17 December 2010

What You Love to Hate

I was born in Miami, FL. Since my birth I have been a Hurricane and a Dolphin. While not an avid NBA fan or MLB fan I do like the Marlins and the Heat. The city has been blessed with a lot of success over just a few decades which is cause for frustration in "cursed" cities like Cleveland.

I thought this article was a good analysis of the rooting habits of Miami sports fans, indifferent when other fans are rabid. when I started the article I was prepared to be a little defensive in favor if my birthplace, but I thought it was pretty fair. In defense of Miami, there are many more attractive options for your time and energy than you'd find in most other professional sports towns, especially in the winter months.

1 comment:

A.J. said...

Though I lived in the area from age range 4 to 8, I never became a fan of any of the pro sports teams there. Nothing against them. I think it probably has more to do with my mom being from Boston and how rabid they are for their teams.

Go Pats!

PS - I liked your comments about the "Punk Jets" the other day :)