12 April 2010

Sir Charles Weighs In

I enjoy listenting to the Dan Patrick show when time allows. Otherwise I will check out the website, where I happened upon today's interview with Charles Barkley. He is always entertaining and opinionated. An excerpt:

DP: You also said Tiger should quit saying he's not black.
CB: I've been telling Tiger that for 10 years or more. Quit saying you're not black, because when you screw up, you will be black. You will be black in a hurry. We, not me, we, all of us have been telling him that.
DP: What's Tiger say when you say, Look, your dad's black?

CB: He didn't want to offend anybody, but I said it doesn't work like that. You don't get to choose the way it is, bro. Everybody who's got a black daddy is black.
DP: Do you think Tiger would be treated differently if he were white?

CB: Of course, of course. I'll give you an example. The way that Roger Clemens and Barry Bonds are treated are like night and day. There's hatred and venom toward Barry Bonds. Roger Clemens ... there are some people who still think he didn't do steroids. There is a double standard. First of all, everybody knows that. Any person who doesn't know there's a double standard when you're black and white is living with their head in the sand.

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