23 January 2009

Ending Polio

It's possible that many of you have little knowledge of polio. By the time of my birth the polio vaccine had been eradicated in the United States. By the time of this writing it originates in only four nations: India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, & Nigeria.

We are very close to seeing this crippling and often deadly disease completely eradicated. Now, during the Rotary International Assembly comes this phenomenal news from the fight against Polio. The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation will add $255 million to a previous $100 million grant to end the disease. These grants will be matched by $200 million raised by Rotarians. Additionally the United Kingdom and Germany have pledged huge sums to help the cause. The video below is Bill Gates delivering his remarks just 2 days ago.

This link will take you to another video on the partnership to end Polio. This is good work.

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