01 October 2008

SPOTD #143

Most of the links here are old. Been far too long, but I've been superocupado. Just getting back on track. As always, the blog is more current.

Today's phrase:
I'm in Arizona, hence the phrase.

Hace calor en Arizona, aún en octubre.

Phonetic with emphasis on bold syllable:
Ah-say cah-lore enn Ah-ree-zone-ah, ah-oon enn oak-too-bray,

It's hot in Arizona, even in October.

The Mother of all Hot Dogs
It is something to behold. I would make sure you have life insurance coverage first.

Hell on Earth?
It's in California. WAIT. Don't get mad Cali friends. Read the story for more.

Usable JetPack
It's too bad my birthday has passed, because I could really use one of these.
This is one fantastic automobile.

I was at Wal-Mart a while ago and saw that Hasbro has re-released many of the GI Joe action figures that I grew up with. It was a serious nostalgia shot. That was my favorite show as a kid. It took some resistance to keep from picking something up.

Link of the Day

Scary appliances and home goods galore.

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