21 June 2008

Awesome Video Saturday XXXXVII

I've only watched/listen to a little bit of these guys, but this video made me laugh so hard.

Recycling is important.

Funny stuff. Not all of their is family friendly, but these two shouldn't be a problem.


Lillie said...

Uhhhh .... someone told me this was a mommy blog--- so I thought I'd take a look and maybe even leave a comment. That's what we mommies do. Lucky for you, the video was good so I left you a comment despite your obvious man-blog. Full of politics and weird banana-hand videos.

Good clips. We miss you guys.

Jill, Tom, Sadie, Ashlynn & Brooke said...

Loved that first video. Hilarious. And it reminded me of one of our house parties at the Y--christams lights and a 10-1 guy-to-girl ratio.

Jlowryjr said...

You know it. I forgot to mention that I first saw this with Lillie's husband Ross. Excellent recommendation Rossco.

Kira said...

Those movies are awesome. I don't even understand what lillie wrote here. I like the part where he tells her that she could be a part time model but should still keep her normal job. That is awesome.