09 March 2008

Going, going, back, back to Cal(gary)

During the 2002 Winter Olympics I fled Utah's magical atmosphere for beautiful Canada. With two of my best buds, Matt & Justin, we visited Calgary and then Golden, British Columbia for a great week of skiing and relaxation.

Today I am going back. This time it will be with Lacy, Joseph, & Millie along with the Palmers & Da Costas. There will be less skiing and more sledding, less late nights and more early mornings. We are very excited.

This will be the first long trip I have been on for quite some time where my computer will not be accompanying me. Between kids, skis, and winter clothes my hands will be quite full. So I don't plan to post while I'm gone unless I end up with free time and a computer.

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The Nielsen Family said...

Wow, I can't believe it is time for the Canada trip already. Matt and I wish we could be up there with you guys! I am sure you will manage to have fun without us, but come on you will miss all the bare Matt bum, Matt farting, Justin and Matt snuggling, etc. We will miss Justin's non-stop laughter, Joe's witty humor, Lacy's wisdom, Joseph and Millie's adorable personaalities, and most of all not meeting little baby Evan. Have a blast!!