27 February 2008

R.I.P. William F. Buckley

He passed away at age 82. One of the key figures of the conservative movement and a founder of The National Review.

That'll be one of the best places to learn more about him. There is also this AP article.


I really enjoyed this remembrance from the WSJ. A piece:

These achievements might not have happened without Buckley, who was uniquely suited to preside over the often-feuding factions of the early political right. He liked arguments over principle, but he also had an uncommon talent for adjudicating disputes and building coalitions. And though Buckley had bedrock beliefs, he had a conservative's distrust for systems and grand theories; his politics were pragmatic. His thinking and prose were governed by a critical-deliberative style that emphasized contingency and complexity. More than anything else, Buckley wanted to promulgate what he often referred to as "a thoughtful conservatism."

Here also are some excellent Buckleyisms.

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