02 January 2008

I've got a good feeling about this

This is a great photograph, from an upcoming issue of Vanity Fair magazine. On the left is George Lucas, then Harrison Ford, and on the right is Stephen Spielberg. That is the ultimate entertainment triumvirate of my youth. From the three come Star Wars, E.T., The Fugitive, and of course, Indiana Jones.

The photograph accompanies an article about the 4th Indiana Jones film, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. It is a good article, and it traces the relationship between these men, the creation of the character, and why Indiana Jones is such an enduring cinematic figure.

I love these stories. There is as much enjoyment in the memories that surround them as in the films themselves. I will be right there on May 22nd.


Anonymous said...

Can't wait. I'm going to have to rewatch the others first!

Sportsattitude said...

It's been a while since the last one but the audiences will be coming out in droves to see it. Remember the thrill of seeing the original and can't wait for the next installment no matter how long it has been.