31 December 2007

Happy New Year!

Here is my family Christmas Card, something I created on our iMac using a free program called ComicLife. A little different, but fun to do:


Anonymous said...

a mi me gusta mucho tus tarjetas de Noel. es muy interesante.

In keeping with the SPOTD resolution to be more Spanish-y I'm gonna give it a whirl too.

The family looks so awesome. I love seeing your cute kids and the joy they bring. Also the card idea was a pretty cool way of doing it. Nice work.
We miss you guys. Any time you need to take a trip up to Pittsburgh to check on your #1 (and poorest) client we'd love to have you and the whole family.

con amour

Lillie said...

I LOVED IT!! That was the 'funnest' blog I've checked in a while. Thanks for that. And of course I'm so honored to have made the card... twice (but who's counting?) Did you send it out? Email it out? Or is it just for the blog? Very creative Joe.

I love you guys and miss you so much right now.