26 June 2007

Adorable Children

I love these kids. This first video is of Millie making some really sweet noises last night. She had her 2 month (!) appointment and she is 13.5 lbs and 25 inches, growing very well.

Joseph still loves jumping, and always on the count of 3.


Anonymous said...

They are cuties!

In the first video, hearing Lacy, I couldn't help but think it sounds like me talking to my new baby neice and nephew. I think that all women, when talking to babies, instinctively say the same things, in the same voice!

Lillie said...

SO cute! Even in the darkish video-- Mille totally looks like Lacy to me. Am I wrong? Is that the consensus? (sp?) And Joseph and his voice- so cute. Sophia likes to jump on three but it's more like "wah" and she puts up one finger, and then "dah" "dah" with that same one finger up. Pretty cute. But she is saying a lot more these days so hopefully her and Joseph can talk in there little person language next month!!!!!!! SOOOOOOOOO excited for that by the way. Ordered a new suit... please oh please fit my ever expanding body.

I erased the guilty comment. Oops.

Anonymous said...

Wow, millie already sounds just like Lacy ..... (or was that Lacy?)