07 December 2006

Son of SPOTD

Normally I post pictures of Joseph on my website, but since my sister-in-law Lillie is so good at putting up pictures of her daughter on her blog, I decided to include these here.

The marvelous photo at right demonstrates Joseph's fine table manners, as he devoured his fudgsicle with aplomb. It was a mess for the ages, but he had fun making it.

Joseph loves getting involved in the kitchen. He is preparing his famous rosemary & onion potatoes, and doing his best to keep his mommy from messing up the recipe.

Lacy's belly also makes an appearance, as she is more than halfway down the road to welcoming SPOTD-kid #2, this time of the female variety.

Finally, this picture is of Joseph and his little friend Sahara Eichelberger. They had a lot of fun watching the Gators win the SEC Championship, or rather, having a screaming contest while their parents watched the SEC Championship. I'm glad that he's not afraid to go after an older woman (she's 2).


Lillie said...

YAY! Ok so I love checking your wierd video clip blog because that's you-- my wierd brother-in-law... just kidding, but that macabre (SP) one, pretty wierd. But THIS, THIS, as you know, is my style; an update of my precious little nephew. I always check your website too, but I think the pictures are usually the same. He already looks so much older. His hair looks long and so blonde! Will you snap a picture of Lacy so I can see her hair cut and REALLY see her belly. If I ask her to send me one, it will get to me after she does for Christmas.

Lillie said...

And I made it on your list of links with all of your political mumbo jumbo--- SO honored.