25 September 2006

Crazy Torts

I love Eric Snider. The guy cracks me up on a frequent basis. Check out a bit of his latest column on a women suing Starbucks because they cancelled her coupon:

...Evidently Ms. Coakley was so racked with sorrow and disenchantment over her failed Starbucks freebie that she ran sobbing back to her apartment, shattered her framed "I Heart Starbucks" poster on the floor, and lay weeping inconsolably on her bed for several days, soothed only when a lawyer came to her bedside, gently stroked her hair, and said he could sue Starbucks for $114 million. At least I imagine that's how it happened. What the lawyer neglected to tell her, of course, is that if she wins she'll get $1,000 while the law firm gets $113,999,000.

Read the whole thing. By the way, tort is another word for lawsuit.

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