02 July 2006

Superman Returns

I wanted to take a minute and comment on Superman Returns. Lacy and I saw it on Friday. For a review that I agreed with and that follows my sentiments for the film, read Eric Snider's review and pre-weekend roundup.

We liked the movie (I did more than Lacy). I found Brandon Routh's performance very good for the role. Superman should relay a decency and earnestness. I thought he accomplished that. He comes off as a likeable person, and I think Routh is why. The comparisons to Christopher Reeve are appropriate, as the movie is a spiritual sequel. In some ways it is far superior to the original two films. Now I want to write a few other things, and if you haven't seen the movie and plan to, I'd advise you to stop reading.


I am not in the habit of revealing movie secrets. That's why my reviews are usually so short. It is usually enough to say that I enjoyed it or didn't. I enjoyed Superman Returns and will tell you why.

This movie was about Superman and his desire to connect with others. It wasn't about the action as much as his return to Earth and search for someone to attach himself to that is more like him. We love Batman because he is a regular guy that becomes a superhero. We love Superman because he is an outcast. He IS Clark Kent, who we can identify with, but he is also Superman. Because Superman is everyone's friend, we feel like he could be our friend too.

I thought the presence of the child was critical to the film. It provided its most touching scene, where Superman enters his son's room and talks to him as a father. I don't know if becoming a father makes a scene like that more special, but it had a big impact for me. I was disappointed that so many critics alluded to the possibility of Superman having a child in their reviews. I thought it was a plot point best left the audience viewing.

In my opinion, that scene is THE key scene of the film.

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